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The Importance of Sleep Education for Children

A significant number of children and adults face sleep issues, with reports showing half of all children and one in every five adults affected. Despite these alarming stats, there's a societal acceptance that sleep troubles are normal.

Kerry Davies, a former nurse now turned sleep expert, stresses that just as we prioritise good health, good sleep should be equally important. She believes that with the right education and habits, good sleep can be achieved.

Children are especially sensitive to their surroundings. Environmental changes, like a caregiver's presence or the sound of early morning birds, can affect their sleep. Solutions like white and pink noise have proven beneficial in such cases.

Collaboration with educational institutions like Consilium Evolve has shown the direct impact of sleep on academic success. Kerry and her colleagues have witnessed students drastically improve in their studies after their sleep issues were addressed.

Kerry advocates for the integration of sleep education into early childhood learning, emphasising its importance. Engaging in calming activities and open discussions about sleep can make bedtime seem less daunting for children. Kerry's mission with 'The Sleep Fixer' is to champion this cause and promote better sleep habits from a young age.

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