ONLY £29!

The last study conducted by net mums suggested

around 40% of families will suffer with sleep issues, rising to 86% for children with additional needs

you are not on your own!


This fully comprehensive digital sleep pack has been specifically designed to enable you as parents to teach your children to sleep. It’s packed full of information that will cover all aspects of sleep and the current challenges you may be faced with.

I have designed this specifically using limited scientific and jargon sleep terms, I figure most parents just want to know how to do it!

It is, however, all evidence-based! It will give you all you need to know clearly and concisely this will also be followed by the printable workbook. The whole video workshop will last for less than an hour and is a sequence of mini videos, therefore not taking up too much of your time; this can be used for more than one child at any time within the same household.

I have also had feedback that adults have used it too!

So please be my guest!

Areas covered in this workshop:

  • Sleep hygiene

  • Sleep onset

  • Terrors Vs Nightmares

  • Early morning awakening

  • Daytime napping

  • Anxiety

  • Amount of sleep

       and much more!

A fully comprehensive workshop containing everything you need to know about your child’s sleep. It will include some basic science into sleep behaviour and what our bodies need to sleep and how we can achieve the best quality and quantity of sleep.


Specifically designed to work alongside the video, giving you a detailed plan of how to tackle the current challenges you are facing around your child’s sleep. It also includes sleep diaries for you to complete daily. This is great to record progress and achievements.


A printable information pack for you to keep and refer to for your sleep plan and whenever you may need it.

Once you have completed the workshop and have your plan you will then be able to access support from Kerry (The Sleep Fixer) to put your plan into place. Kerry will support you in whichever contact method is best appropriate via telephone or social media channels - there is no timescale. 


The Sleep Fixer is committed to empowering families to achieve positive sleep outcomes for everyone. I believe that every family should be able to access this specialist advice so that every child can have the best sleep possible for them. I believe that sleep matters! I also want to share my knowledge with you all so that it matters to everyone!

I understand the barriers to accessing sleep support. The three that I feel are most significant are location, time and finance. By creating this digital workshop it alleviates all of these barriers making it accessible to all. You can watch this video wherever you are and whenever you want. It is also priced so that it is affordable for all.


Is your child over 12 months old?

Would you like a calm and peaceful evening/bedtime?
Would you like your child, to sleep in its bed happily?
Would you like your child to get enough sleep to unlock their full potential?
Would you like to understand how sleep works so that you are fully equipped... forever?

If you have answered YES to these questions, then you are in the right place!


Too many families are struggling with sleep, and lack of it, every single day. It is impacting on all aspects of life! By completing this workshop and implementing this plan consistently you will see positive changes with your child’s sleep not only that but often daytime behaviour will also improve!

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