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Get the Sleep Fixer Solutions

What if you could look forward to bedtime, instead of worry about it all day?

You can, with Kerry, The Sleep Fixer.

Stressed, over-tired kids. Stressed, over-tired parents.

Worry building all day until a fight to get the kids to sleep at bedtime. 

Broken sleep, when they finally do go to sleep. 

Painfully early wake up calls, followed by another stressful day with over tired kids. 
And repeat. Seemingly forever. 

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Does this sound familiar?

This is how it was with my little ones. I felt so stressed and worried all the time. But I found a solution and my mission is to share it with other parents and caregivers just like you. 


Because there is another way. A calmer, more relaxed and (whisper it!) enjoyable way to get your kids to sleep, without the battle. It’s better for your kids. It’s better for you. And it’s easier than you think, with no ‘cry it out’ methods. 


As a Sleep Practitioner with over a decade of experience, there isn’t a sleep problem I haven’t seen and solved. My simple strategies are suitable for every family set up, and every child can benefit from them, from 12 months to 18 years. With a great deal of experience with children with Special Educational Needs, I am a specialised Sleep Trainer for children with SEND. Find out more about me here[RP1] . 


Let me show you how to end your everlasting run of sleep problems. I’ll guide you every step of the way, to lift the stress and help you enjoy your kids again.

Start your path to feeling relaxed and well rested, with one of

my signature Sleep Fixer services. 


Every family is different, so I have several ways to help you. 1-2-1 Personalised Sleep Support, where you have me all to yourself, and a super-affordable Online Live Sleep Workshop, where you share my time with other families going through similar issues. 


There is almost always a solution to your child’s sleep problems. However big it feels. However overwhelming it is. And however long your child’s sleep issues have been going on.


My role is to lift that worry and stress away from you as I problem-solve your child’s sleep issues. Without you having to re-mortgage your house.


1-1 Sleep Support

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