Online Live Sleep Workshop for Families

You’ve been struggling with niggling sleep issues for a while, and you want a clear sleep action plan to help you create a calming bedtime to benefit your child and you. 

A sleep strategy is a bit like a jigsaw. You probably already have the pieces you need but need help to put them all together. Maybe you’re missing the picture and feel like you’re in the dark. I’ll shine a light to show you the right path and be there with you as you navigate your journey to better sleep, for you all.


Let me guide you to a better way to settle your children, to give you the confidence to solve you sleep issues yourself. 


My Online Live Sleep Workshop is for you if:


  • you need a no-pressure, low time commitment boost of support from a sleep expert

  • you need help with the most common sleep issues, including settling to sleep, waking during the night and early morning rising

  • you want practical, simple steps to feel empowered to improve your family’s sleep plan

  • you want an affordable way to solve children’s common sleep problems

  • you’re happier in a group, online environment


Book a 2 hour workshop session:

  • a 2 hour interactive sleep workshop with an expert in children’s sleep problems (that’s me, Kerry)

  • a printable workbook that you’ll complete during the workshop, to help you remember my tips and plan

  • a printable information pack to support you after the workshop

  • one month’s free subscription to my private Facebook group for support and cheerleading from other parents and caregivers​

​Your investment?

from just £20

“Fab workshop and a lovely lady. Can’t wait to implement some of your amazing advice.

Thank you so much.”

- Chloe Woodlands

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