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Get the Sleep Fixer Solutions for Adults
to Tackle Your Insomnia

What if you could fix your insomnia, and feel well-rested, ready to face the day with positivity?

You can, with Kerry, The Sleep Fixer.


Sleep. It’s such a small word but it has a huge impact on our wellbeing. Insomnia is debilitating and the effects reach all aspects of our lives. If you suffer from insomnia, you’re not alone: it’s estimated that 40% of the population do too. 


How do you know if you suffer from insomnia?


Insomnia goes much deeper than the odd bad night’s sleep. So, what is insomnia?


  • you’ll have a problem with either the amount of sleep you’re able to get, or the quality of that sleep, or both 

  • it happens at least three nights a week

  • you’ve been suffering with it for over three months

  • your sleep problems aren’t caused by any medication or other substance

  • it causes significant distress or problems with daily life

  • other potential medical causes have been ruled out 

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Does this sound familiar? If so, you may be suffering from insomnia.


As a Sleep Practitioner with over a decade of experience, I can treat your insomnia, using CBTi techniques that get to the root of your sleep issue, quickly. It’s the most powerful way to reset your sleep patterns, for fast, and lasting improvement to your sleep. 


Are you ready to finally fix your insomnia with me, using in my 1-2-1 science-based CBTi sleep programme? It gives you the power to control your sleep, and you can draw on these techniques for the rest of your life. 


So, what is CBTi?


CBTi stands for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for insomnia. It’s a short but highly effective treatment programme that can help if you have trouble falling asleep, struggle to stay asleep, or find that the sleep you do get doesn’t leave you feeling refreshed. 

CBTi is up to 80% more effective than medication, and there are no side effects or withdrawal issues. 


Insomnia affects individuals and their families, but the adverse effects of sleep deprivation go much wider, at work. Poor sleep costs up to £40 billion to the UK economy, every year. I have several ways to help insomnia sufferers, each rooted in CBTi practice: my 1-2-1 CBTi Sleep Support Programme, and Online Corporate Sleep Workshops for businesses. 


Take the first step to making your insomnia seem like a bad dream. 


1-2-1 CBTi Sleep Support
Programme for Adults
with Insomnia

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Adults Sleep Coaching

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Corporate Sleep Workshops
for a More Productive,
Happier Team

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