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Corporate Sleep Workshops for a More Productive, Happier Team

Poor sleep is responsible for around 200,000 missed working days per year in the UK. That in turn costs our economy £30 billion. It’s a real problem for businesses, leading to decreased productivity, lower morale, and more hidden costs. 

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But what if you could support your staff, increase their happiness, and improve productivity, with one simple sleep solution?


That’s where I come in. As a sleep expert with over a decade of experience solving insomnia and other sleep issues, I have the expertise to help your team overcome their sleep problems. 4 in 10 employees are likely to have sleep issues, so an Online Sleep Workshop is a practical, effective way to support your team and see fast improvements, with science-based strategies.

My Corporate Online Sleep Workshops is for you if:


  • you want to support your team in a practical way

  • you’re keen to give your team the tools to sleep better and care for their mental and physical health

  • you want to offer added value to attract the best staff

  • you’re noticing creeping absenteeism 

  • you’d like to improve productivity 

  • you want an affordable, inclusive way to show your staff you value their wellbeing


Get in touch for a quotation for an Online Sleep Workshop tailored to your company, which could include:


  • a 2-hour interactive sleep workshop over Zoom with an expert in sleep problems (that’s me, Kerry)

  • topics covered include understanding sleep architecture, stimulus control, sleep hygiene, and how to improve sleep 

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