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I have worked in a highly successful sleep service as a sleep practitioner for the last eight years giving direct advice to families around their children’s sleep issues from 12 months to 19 years of age. I have worked with hundreds of families supporting them through their sleep journey.

I'm excited to announce that I've just signed a contract for The Children's Sleep Charity delivering workshops in one of the leading UK sleep hospitals.

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Hi, my name is Kerry; I am a single parent to my two beautiful children a girl aged ten and a boy, five.

My sleep journey started back in March 2011, when my little girl had just turned two. At the time, I was working in a respite care provision for children with additional and complex needs.

As I had a nursing background, I was offered an opportunity to attend a training course around sleep. Little did I know that I was in fact about to find my absolute passion.

My training at Southampton hospital absolutely blew me away. At the time I had my own little two year old who was waking up several times every night. She ended up in my bed every night too!

It was the most life changing experience I have ever had. I was sold. I ‘got it.’ I understood sleep. I knew what she was doing and why and I felt inspired to put into place everything I had learned to tackle it! Wow! Two weeks later, I had done it! My little girl slept through the night and in her own bed! This stuff really worked!

What had initially been offered as a training opportunity, actually transpired to be a job! Five hours per week back then as a trial. I think the Local Authority at the time just wanted a little taster to see if this stuff could really work. With a bit of juggling, I took on this role. There was no way I was going to miss this opportunity; I knew it was my vocation. I could also foresee just how much of a difference this would make to the families of Northamptonshire.

Within two years, the five-hour job had rapidly become a full time position! So many families were having such significant, positive outcomes and there were so many more families out there who wanted support.

I am a huge advocate for sleep and since my Southampton training; I have completed the Sleep Practitioner training course with The Children’s Sleep Charity. I have attended courses on a whole host of different aspects that can affect sleep, from anxiety and attachment, to diet or sensory processing. That is just a snippet of the official training that I have attended. I am a constant researcher. I look almost every day at research that is released and ways in which it can influence my practice to help and support the families I work with, to improve sleep outcomes for all!

As free sleep services are currently a postcode lottery I decided that it was time I became brave, follow my dreams and leave the job (that I absolutely loved!) to create an affordable and accessible way to share my wealth of knowledge and experience with you guys!

We all need sleep!

My intention is and always has been to support and offer advice to everyone that is having difficulty with sleep to improve life for the whole family.


This stuff is life changing! I have seen first-hand the massive positive impact this has on thousands of families and I want to share it with thousands more!

Kerry x

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