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"Would highly recommend this lovely lady! Our daughter was waking two/three times a night, and following a new routine and changing some habits we are now over 2 weeks in and are getting full nights sleeps, later wake ups and a happier little lady! Thank you"
"I would definitely recommend Kerry to anyone and cannot thank Kerry enough for all the work she did with us and the support she gave us with our 3 year old daughter."
"Would highly recommend Kerry very nice lady and it was little things that she offered that made my sleeping pattern so much better"
- Ellie (15 years old)


"I honestly can't thank Kerry enough for her amazing advice on getting my 2-year-old to sleep through the night! Our household hadn't had a full nights sleep for months, and my 2-year-old was irritable all day and night through tiredness. It was a really tough time for all of us, and i really didn't know what to do. Kerry was really friendly, and absolutely fantastic giving us various different things to try. We followed all the advice given to us, and now i can happily say that we actually sleep all night! My eldest son is now able to concentrate at school and isn't coming home exhausted and moody. The youngest is a completely different boy, he's happy and laughing, and is enjoying himself again. Kerry has made a huge difference in all our lives, and we have a happy and well-rested house again."


After 3-4 days we could see real improvement

“Kerry helped us after having 18 months of issues with our 5-year-old son. 

He would go to bed at around 7:15 but could not self-settle, no matter how tired he was. Some nights would take up to three hours as he just needed someone near him to settle. 

It reached breaking point one weekend and we contacted Kerry to help. 

Her plan was so simple and we only changed two little things about his whole routine, changing his evening snack, and moving his tv time back before allowing him some finger playtime. 

We didn’t think it would work so quickly, and after having the same issues on the first night with it taking around an hour, we were able to see the benefits by the second night. 

Within a week he was asleep within ten minutes with little interaction after leaving the room. He did have a wobbly spell at day 13 as Kerry mentioned. But she was there to support me through. 

We have now gone over two months and the longest it now takes is 15 minutes. We no longer have to enter the room again and he very rarely calls out. His behaviour has changed during the days as he is now getting 11-13 hours sleep a night. 

Thank you, Kerry, for helping us. It has made our lives so much easier. Your support has been amazing.”


It has made our lives so much easier. Your support has been amazing!

“We were having trouble with our 3-year-old sleeping and staying in bed. We would often find she was still awake 2 hours after putting her to bed. A friend recommended Kerry to us. Kerry asked what the issues were, what we had tried previously and most importantly listened to us. Kerry understood our frustrations and put together a plan and routine for us to follow. After 3-4 days we could see real improvement and within 2 weeks, had no further issues, with our 3-year-old going to be and sleep without any issue. Kerry kept in touch with us, followed up on our progress and was a real support to us. I would recommend Kerry to anyone and cannot thank Kerry enough for the work she did with us”

"It's like magic. So after many nights crying because I was so tired and a 4year old son who could not maintain sleep I was recommended kerry. I was very skeptical after being let down by other sleep specialist in the past, but out of desperation i contacted kerry who was very understanding, after talking to her she believed she could help our son. our little boy has autism, epilepsy as well as other complex needs. He would wake up early hours (1-1.30am) in the morning and stay wide awake for hours. he would always be ready for the day by 4/5am every morning. Kerry talked me through what to do and changes to make in his room. the first night was very hard and I actually thought that it was a mistake. but by the second night he slept right the way through. each day has gotten better. he has had one early morning (5am) in the past week but mostly sleeping through till 6-7.30 with no waking during the night. It's a working progress but going from a full nights sleep 1/2 nights a months to nearly a whole week of sleep has been great. Will be even better once I can learn to switch off and get a whole night sleep. honestly kerry you have changed our lives.
I'm hoping this will continue."

"Kerry has changed our lives!! My 2 year olds sleep was terrible after being poorly for ages and a long hospital stay. He wouldn’t sleep in his own bed and would be awake til 10pm most nights. We were all going mad and delirious with sleep deprivation!
Our beautiful boy now goes to bed at 7:30pm EVERY night and sleeps in his own bed! It’s early days, but we’re all so much happier and so well rested!! I recommend the sleep fixer to everyone and anyone now! THANK YOU Kerry! Will be forever grateful to you!"

"Kerry has provided a fantastic service and I would absolutely recommend the Sleep Fixer. 

I bought the plan as I needed help in my attempt to stop breastfeeding to sleep and cosleeping throughout the night. My little girl at 14 months old had never slept in her cot and had hardly spent any time in her room. I watched all the videos and got myself prepared for the changes I was going to make. Our first night took quite a bit of settling time but my little girl slept through the night on the second night! So amazing for a little girl who has breastfeed on demand all through the night since she was a newborn. 
The support I have received from Kerry has been amazing. She messaged me throughout the initial settling on the first night and gave some quick problem solving tips. As a Mum who has struggled with PND and anxiety I needed the support and reassurance and Kerry has provided so much. Thank you Kerry!"


How We Helped: Emma & Audrey

How We Helped: Emma & Audrey

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The Sleep Fixer

How We Helped: Jade & Family