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1-1 CBTi Sleep Support Programme for Adults with Insomnia

You’ve been scouring medical sites looking for answers about why you can’t sleep. You’ve been reading blog posts about simple ways to get more sleep. You’ve spent a small fortune on sleep sprays, bath salts and weighted blankets, and even sleeping pills. But nothing is helping. You just can’t get to sleep, or you wake up, and can’t drift off again. 


Perhaps you feel stressed and anxious? Maybe you feel like you’ll never sleep properly again. You might be having trouble remembering things and can’t concentrate on even simple tasks. You probably feel run down and completely exhausted. Maybe you feel like you just can’t cope anymore. 


There is hope. I have a proven track record of turning stressed, exhausted people who can’t sleep, into more relaxed well rested people who feel in control.  

My adult CBTi clients tell me that ‘life feels so much easier’ now they can sleep, and that their ‘mood has been lifted as a result of more sleep’. One client told me their brain fog has been alleviated, so they can think straight again, and another says they ‘feel more productive in the workplace’.

Everyone’s different, so I tailor my 1-2-1 CBTi Personalised Sleep Support Programme to fit your needs. CBTi is effective for most people, but for a few people, it isn’t the best solution. To find out if you’ll benefit from my scientific sleep solutions, please book in for a 1-2-1 phone call or Zoom call, where I’ll identify your sleep issues and discover if CBTi or an alternative method will be best for you. 


If CBTi is not the best option for you, I will make suggestions of other options that will be effective. 


If you will benefit from CBTi, you can book my 6-week Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia course. 


1-2-1 CBTi is for you if:


  • your insomnia is deep rooted and has been going on for a long time

  • or you can see sleep issues beginning to worsen and you want to take preventative action 

  • your sleep deprivation is causing wider health or relationship issues

  • you have anxiety or depression linked to insomnia

  • your sleep problems are making you miserable and you need to take action

  • you need 1-2-1 personal support with a sleep expert

  • you want an in-depth assessment of your insomnia

  • you need a detailed, step by step plan that gives fast results – in as little as two weeks

  • you want to take control of your insomnia, without relying on medication or risking withdrawal symptoms


Book a 1-1 CBTi Sleep Assessment for:


  • an in-depth, scientific analysis of your sleep issues over the phone or Zoom, whichever you prefer, lasting up to 60 minutes

Book a 1-2-1 CBTi Sleep Support Programme for Adults with Insomnia for:

  • clarity on whether you do suffer from insomnia and the best course of treatment for you

  • 6 weekly 1-2-1 CBTi sessions lasting up to 60 minutes each 

  • techniques for sleep re-alignment

  • advice on sleep hygiene

  • information about stimulus control

  • relapse prevention techniques

​Your investment?

Only £500

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