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Where the Sleep Fixer Magic Began

As a mum to two school-aged kids myself, I know exactly how vital a good night’s sleep really is. I’ve been there myself, with a toddler who just wouldn’t sleep. It was so tough and made everything else in our lives so much harder and more stressful than it needed to be. But I don’t need to tell you that, do I?

Thankfully, I was offered a Sleep Practitioner course through my employer back in 2011, and with my then two-year-old daughter’s sleep problems, it was a lifeline.

Through that expert training, I solved my daughter’s sleep problems, and it changed everything. I wanted to spread that sleep fixing magic around, for other parents and carers, and adults with sleep disorders.

I’m now a member of the British Sleep Society, the professional organisation for medical, scientific and healthcare workers dealing with sleeping disorders. I’ve also completed two sleep schools certified by the British Medical Journal, and training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia in adults.

Before that I trained as a learning

disability nurse and taught in a school for teenagers at risk of exclusion. My many roles within mental health, hospital settings, schools, and with families of children with SEN have given me a wealth of knowledge and experience that mean I can help almost any family.

Other highlights include

  • Becoming the 1st ever Behavioural Sleep Practitioner at the world-renowned Evelina Sleep Hospital

  • Delivering sleep training courses to the NHS and schools

  • Presenting sleep research, as Keynote Speaker for the Royal Society of Medicine

  • Private Sleep Consultant for The Sleep Charity

  • Multiple features in Closer magazine

  • Giving sleep tips on an Instagram Live with Mother and Baby magazine

I make complex sleep science accessible to thousands of families via the NHS, local authority and private clients. This means I can keep prices down for my Sleep Fixer customers, because I believe that good quality sleep support should be available for all families.

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