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1-1 Personalised Sleep Support for Families


You’ve tried everything, but nothing is working for your children. They just. Won’t. Sleep. 

You’re feeling stressed and frazzled, and sleep deprivation is making you feel unwell. Maybe you feel like you just can’t cope anymore. 


You’ve even tried the ‘crying it out’ strategy, and found if anything, it made things worse, and made you feel even more stressed and exhausted.


Stress no more, because I’m here to help. I don’t promise a miracle, but I do have a strong track record of transforming families’ sleep issues. 

“Kerry has changed my life. Like everyone who is suffering from sleep deprivation, I had little patience, family relationships were strained, we had sibling resentment and ultimately it was affecting not only my mental health, but also the mental health of the rest of my family. Kerry worked with us and gave me the confidence that I did know what I was doing, and we made simple yet consistent changes and are now starting to reap the rewards.”
- Lisa Parker

1-1 Personalised Sleep Support is for you if:


  • Your child’s sleep issues are impacting the whole family and you need to take action

  • Your child has long-standing sleep problems that you’ve been struggling with for years

  • Or you want to nip any sleep issues in the bud, before they take hold

  • You need 1-2-1 personal support with a sleep expert

  • You want an in-depth assessment of your child’s sleep 

  • You need a detailed, step by step plan for a good night’s sleep, with no time pressure

  • Your child or children is between 1 and 18, with or without additional needs

  • You want to learn my practical and simple strategies, so you can use them on younger siblings if necessary, and avoid future sleep troubles



Book a 1-1 Personalised Sleep Support session for:


  • A pre-assessment questionnaire to help get you thinking about every issue you’re facing

  • A full and thorough scientific sleep assessment over the phone or Zoom, whichever you prefer, lasting up to 60 minutes, so I can really get to know your family

  • A tailored sleep plan to support you and your child, based on your beliefs and values

  • An educational sleep video

  • Follow up support when you need it, over the phone, through texts, or emails – there is no time limit, and no time pressure, I’m with you until you see improved sleep results

  • Lifetime access to my private Facebook group for support and cheerleading from other parents and caregivers

We’ll cover:

Pre bedtime sleep hygiene, falling to sleep, night terrors and nightmares, night awakening, early morning awakenings, daytime napping, anxiety, and guidelines for the correct amount of sleep for your child’s age.


And the best part?

You’re never alone. I’ll carry on supporting you until you start to see improved sleep.

​Your investment?

from just £100

My happy clients say they, and their children, are now well rested and so much calmer and happier.

Ruth Coates

“Kerry’s help has changed our lives when it felt there was no hope. Kerry supported us 100% and she was available at all hours to help. Within a week of putting into place Kerry’s plan, he slept through, what is this witchcraft?! My son has had the confidence to fall asleep by himself, with no cry it out, no trauma, just gentle nudging to give him and us the confidence to make the decision.”

Toni Robertson

“It’s like magic… after many nights crying because I was so tired and a 4 year old son who could not maintain sleep I was recommended Kerry. Our little boy has autism, epilepsy as well as other complex needs. He would wake up early (1-1.30am) in the morning and stay wide awake for hours. He would always be ready for the day by 4/5am every morning. Each day has gotten better, mostly sleeping through till 6-7.30 with no waking during the night. Honestly Kerry, you have changed our lives.”

Chisomo Fajardo

“Kerry has changed our life! Our youngest has had trouble falling asleep for years. Kerry made us feel heard and understood. Her advice had an immediate improvement from the very first night we implemented it. A month in and bedtime has been transformed. Our evening feels so much calmer and our child is feeling more positive about bedtime. I wish we'd done it sooner.”

- Top-Up Sleep Support -

Need a top up?

Book a 30 Minute Top-Up Call with me.

This is for my existing parents and care givers, who’ve had my 1-1 session, and feel their child’s sleep issues have taken a new direction. I’ll support you to resolve any new issues and give you a new boost of confidence that you’ve got this. 

Book a 30 minute top-up call for:


  • A  30 minute sleep consultation over the phone, or Zoom

  • A follow up support for your new adjusted sleep plan

  • Access to a recording of my Online Sleep Workshop[RP1] [RP2] 

  • Lifetime access to my private Facebook group for support and cheerleading from other parents and caregivers

​Your investment?

from just £30

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