Improving sleep without sacrificing your bank balance



Who knew?
Sleep is something we learn to do!

1. Is your child 12 months or over?

2. Would you like a calm and peaceful bedtime?

3. Would you like your child to get the right amount of sleep?

4. Would you like your child to sleep happily?

If you have answered YES to these questions, you're in the right place!

We have a happy and well rested house again!


See dramatic improvements in your child's sleep in a matter of days.

This is a whole family approach with no hidden costs:


A chance to connect on a personal level with the sleep fixer herself!

 A Mum who gets it and doesn't want you to struggle anymore.

The Sleep Fixer will talk to you about your current situation and help you to create a life changing plan to create the bedtime of dreams.

Imagine your life without those bedtime battles.

You will be supported throughout your whole sleep journey.

I’m Kerry, founder of ‘The Sleep Fixer’ and parent of 2 beautiful children.


I am a qualified sleep specialist and have over 8years experience. My academic background is nursing and I have specialised in working with children with additional needs, mental health and

emotional and behavioural difficulties for most of my working life.

I am fully committed to empowering every family to create a calm and relaxing sleep time for every child, and parent! I am passionate about making the process and advice as simple and effective as possible and available to everyone!

Being a parent is the best job in the world! This is even better when everyone is well-rested. Let's make bedtime a positive time, a time to look forward to for the whole family.

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