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How Can The Sleep Fixer Help Me?

If you are wondering how The Sleep Fixer can help you, then look no further.

The tried and tested Sleep Fixer Digital Package is now available to help you, at a cost of only £29! The Package is suitable for parents of children aged 12 months right through to 18 years old.

This package will empower you. You will learn about your child’s sleep patterns and in turn, how to help your family have a great night’s sleep.

Based on the latest sleep science the Sleep Fixer has you covered. You don’t need to struggle, I am here for YOU!

The digital package is affordably priced because I am committed to bringing good quality sleep advice to all families, without sacrificing your bank balance.

As you will see from our reviews here, we really have had some incredible outcomes! The information presented in the workshop will last you a lifetime.

The package covers

  • Sleep Science

  • Pre-bedtime activities and routines to encourage a stress free bedtime

  • How to help your child settle to sleep

  • How you can tackle night time wakings

  • How to manage early morning wake up’s

  • Night terrors and sleep walking

  • How to reduce nightmares

  • Reducing anxiety

  • The most effective use of rewards

The duration of the workshop is less than an hour and is split into sections. The printable plan provided follows seamlessly alongside the workshop leaving you with a fully comprehensive sleep strategy. This can also be used at no extra cost, for all children in your household. Parents have also benefitted too!

I understand just how difficult living with sleep issues can be and how a lack of sleep can affect school, work and home life.

Not having enough sleep can leave you feeling tired, unmotivated, sluggish, irritable, not eating properly, snappy and low.

I offer all families full and continuous support whilst you implement your plan. I am also readily available to have a chat to ensure that you are completely happy with your plan and ask any questions that may arise along the way.

I am highly experienced in helping parents of children with Special Educational or Additional Needs (SEN) and previously trained as a Learning Disability Nurse.

Please do not be afraid to contact me to talk about the sleep issues you may be facing. I will take the time to listen to you and really understand your needs, before recommending the best Sleep Fixer service and solution for you!

No time scales. No pressure. Just a tailored plan suited to you and your family’s needs.


Click here for our packages.

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