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What is a 1-1 package? Why will it work for me?

So, what is a ‘One to One Package’ and why will it work for me?

The One to One Package is a thorough assessment tool designed and completed by the Sleep Fixer herself. It is available at the cost of £60 to families.

Initially, it begins with an assessment, normally taking around an hour, depending on your child’s sleep needs. It will cover all areas of sleep, from evening through until mornings and will also include naps (if this is appropriate).

Due to the Sleep Fixers vast knowledge and experience, you can be sure that during the assessment her brain will be ticking over with evidence based ideas for you to implement. These ideas are always centred around your family’s needs and values.

This is a really useful time for you to talk about what you would like to change about the sleep routines in your home and to set realistic goals that will benefit everyone in your family.

During the assessment, strategies will be discussed for your consideration and together we will make sure that the plan is exactly right for your child, yourself and the whole family!

There is no judgement here whatsoever. Sleep is so vital that most of us would go to great lengths to ensure that we protect at least enough to function. This is often how we get into habits that are difficult to keep up consistently.

Once your plan is finalised, and you are 100% happy, you'll be ready to go immediately. From then on in you have the Sleep Fixer on hand to support you, guide you and to offer you reassurance throughout your whole sleep journey.

More than one child with difficulty sleeping? The Sleep Fixer has you covered! This package covers all children living in the house, at no additional cost!

The £60 fee is fully inclusive of EVERYTHING!

The Sleep Fixer’s promise to you is that everything you implement with your child is 100% responsive, 100% loving. The plan will empower you both; you will understand why sleep has been tricky for your child and most importantly understand why the plan is working for you.

So many families are now reaping the benefits from consistently having a good night’s sleep and are also enjoying a nice peaceful cuppa (or a g&t!), chat, reading, watching their favourite programmes or just having a rest in the evening.

Almost every family that the Sleep Fixer has supported has noted positive improvements within days of implementing a plan.

As you will see from our reviews here, we really have had some incredible outcomes!

The only prerequisite is that your child is over 12 months of age. The Sleep Fixer provides support to families with children up to 18 years.

Not having enough sleep can leave you feeling tired, unmotivated, sluggish, irritable, not eating properly, snappy and low.

Having a great sleep can improve almost every area of your life!

The Sleep Fixer is highly experienced in helping parents of children with Special Educational or Additional Needs (SEN) and previously trained as a Learning Disability Nurse.

Please do not be afraid to contact the Sleep Fixer to talk about the sleep issues you may be facing. She will take the time to listen to you and really understand your needs.

No time scales. No pressure. Just a tailored plan suited to you and your family’s needs. What are you waiting for? A great night’s sleep is only a phone call away!

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