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Ensuring Sweet Dreams Through Sniffly Seasons

Dear Reader,

As the festive jingles start to play and the temperature dips, it's not just the Christmas spirit that's catching. It's also the season when our children are more prone to bringing home more than just their holiday crafts—coughs and colds become unwelcome guests.

The sniffles can turn bedtime into a challenge, and as a sleep coach and fellow parent, I understand that struggle all too well. This week, I want to share with you my top tips for maintaining a restful sleep environment for your family, even when illness looms.

1. The Comfort of Routine: Children find comfort in predictability, especially when they're feeling under the weather. Stick to your regular bedtime routine as much as possible, but don't be afraid to adjust. A little extra time reading their favourite story or a warm bath can be soothing additions.

2. A Cool, Comfortable Sanctuary: Ensure your child's room is at a comfortable temperature. A cool room can help ease congestion and promote better sleep. Consider layering bedding so it's easy to adjust if they get too hot or too cold during the night.

3. Elevation for Easier Breathing: Elevating the head of the bed can help with nasal congestion, making it easier for your little one to breathe—and sleep—more comfortably.

4. The Magic of Moist Air: A humidifier can work wonders in adding moisture to the air, soothing sore throats and stuffy noses, and making the bedroom a more conducive place for healing sleep.

5. The Flexibility to Co-Sleep: While not always ideal, sometimes what's needed is the reassurance of your presence. If bringing your child into your bed helps everyone get a better night's rest, it's a perfectly fine temporary measure. Of course if it is done safely!

During this season, let's embrace flexibility and compassion—both for our children and ourselves. Sleep is a precious commodity, and we'll do what we must to protect it.

Kerry x

The Sleep Fixer

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